The Children’s Surgical Centre welcomes and receives numerous visits from many surgical and medical teams from across the world, including from Europe, North America, Australasia and Asia. Through their dedicated visits, CSC has been able to develop surgical services within the country that were previously inacessible. This includes joint replacements, scoliosis surgery, microsurgery including nerve reconstruction, free flap surgery as well regional naesthesia, and entire specialities developing such as Ear, Nose, Throat surgery and opthalmology services.


We firmly believe surgical missions should be focussed on long term capacity building through training of local Khmer surgeons, and am emphasis is plaved on this through repeated missions. CSC does not fund surgical missions, but will continue to facilitate visitors during their stay here, including screening for suitable patients for surgery, and provide post-op care and follow up.

French Max Fax team
Dr Lia (ENT) from USA
Hand team from Singapore and UK
Hong Kong spinal team